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The ENTE CONCERTI CASTELLO DI BELVEGLIO, was founded in 1976 by Marlaena

Kessick, Marcello Abbado, the mayor of Belveglio, the parish priest of

Belveglio, and representatives of the Province of Asti and of the Cassa di

Risparmio of Asti. The cultural objectives of this non profit Association are

the organization of concerts and competitions for the education and enjoyment

of classical and contemporary music by audiences, and promotion of young

musicians of talent. The activities of the Ente Concerti include over 1,500

concerts of chamber and orchestral music offered with free entrance to the

public, principally in the Piedmont Region with the participation of leading

international soloists (Rai Symphony Orchestra, Quartet of La Scala, Bruno

Canino, Anna Maria Cigoli, Severino Gazzeloni, Maxenc Larrieu, Sandro Massimini, Piero Toso, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Sergio Perticaroli, etc. For the jury of the Competition of Composition (since 1980), some of the members have been Goffredo Petrassi, Azio Corghi, Giacomo Manzoni, Roman Vlad and other internationally famous composers. Honorary President of the “Giulietta

Simionato” Competition for Opera Singers was Maestro Carlo Maria Giulini. The jury has included Mme. Simionato, Luis Alva, Giuseppe Valdengo, Jenny Anvelt, Carlo Bergonzi, Denia Mazzola Gavazzeni and others. Activities include the “Alice Bel Colle” Competition for young musicians (President of jury Marcello Abbado), the Mme. Rosine Lhévinne Piano Competition, “Alice Bel Colle” Composition and Music Competition,  and summer seminars of various instruments, voice and composition during the“Festival of the Gulf” in southern Italy.

                                               The Ente is supported by the Piedmont Region, by the Italian

                                               Ministry of Culture and various foundations.

                                               MARLAENA KESSICK, artistic director of Ente Concerti Castello di

                                               di Belveglio, is a graduate of the Milan Conservatory where she

                                               studied composition with Franco Donatoni and became professor

                                               of Flute until 2005. Internationally known flute soloist, orchestra

                                               conductor and composer, her compositions for voice, chamber

                                               music, ballets and musical comedies are published by Berbèn,

                                               Curci, International Music Co., Peters, Ricordi, Rugginenti,

Sonzogno, Zanibon, and other editors. She is active as conductor of the

Scarampi Foundation Symphony and of the Italian Flute Orchestra.

CONCERTS: At the Castle of Belveglio (Asti) Italy during the month of May, every Sunday afternoon at 4,30 PM is held a chamber music concert open to the public without charge supported by the Piedmont Region. After the spring vocal competition “Giulietta Simionato” for opera singers,   other competitions for composers and young musicians are held and are followed by a series of concerts supported by the Compagnia di San Paolo and the Piedmont Regione. Also during the fall, other concerts are organized in different cities in northern Italy.

SUMMER ACTIVITIES During the Festival of the Gulf, instrumental and vocal courses are held each year from August 17th to 26th at San Marco di Castellabate (Salerno). During the Festival of the Gulf, each year an international competition for a different instrument takes place. In 2014 from August 23 to 26 will be held the First International Piano Competition “Mme.

Rosina Lhévine” with president of the jury, Dr. Yulia Lipmanovich.

NEWS - Finanziamento

L'ente Concerti Castello di Belveglio ha ricevuto dalla "Direzione Promozione della Cultura, del Turismo e dello Sport - Settore promozione delle Attività Culturali, del Patrimonio Linguistico e dello Spettacolo" della Regione Piemonte, il contributo di 5.200 € a sostegno del progetto "Stagione 2017-2018: musica per la Vita".